Australian Academy of Breathwork

Definition of Breathwork: A safe simple breathing technique that provides the opportunity to see and change patterns and thoughts from the past, that may hinder or stop you from enjoying your life in the present.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork, as it was originally practiced and taught by its founder Leonard Orr, is a very gentle breathing process. This type of breathing releases physical, emotional and mental stress, energises the body and induces a deep state of relaxation and clarity of mind.

During the Breathwork process most people have profound insights into their lives, and are able to see solutions to their problems.

The aim of Breathwork is the expansion of awareness, and becoming more enlightened with, and accepting of oneself.

The breathing technique is called connected breathing – breathing without any pause between the inhale and exhale. The body is oxygenated and as increased amounts of energy reach parts of the body that have long been held in tension, stored or suppressed memories,emotions and mental patterns are recalled and released.

Once a person has passed through the initial release stage, the session becomes meditative and a deep sense of relaxation and heightened awareness is reached.


Featured Members

Gabrielle Enright


Michael Barton

Board Member


I grew up to be a ‘good girl’, living my life the way I thought others wanted me to: my parents, my family, friends, my husband and children. At 33 years of age, I realized that I had no idea who I was. It was then I was first introduced to Rebirthing 20 years ago. I undertook my first Rebirthing training and used Rebirthing as my main way of unlocking my true self, the one who had been lost under layers of, mostly subconscious, conditioning and beliefs. Rebirthing gave ME back to me, and in the process, I used the technique to assist my children in dealing with the challenges that life threw them as they grew up.


Since rebirthing has been a part of my life, I now value myself like never before. I love and accept who I am and I see the unhappy moments for what they are, just moments. I now have the tools to make my life the life that I want and I know that I am exactly where I am meant to be.


Many things shifted for me before, during and after the training, and I am sure, like most, that I continue to integrate the work into my life.