Bronwyn Barter President

The Australian Academy of Breathwork was founded in 2001 by Bronwyn Barter. The Academy is dedicated to maintaining quality and professional standards in Breathwork and to the provision of support for its members in their profession as qualified practitioners of Breathwork.


Bronwyn Barter is the current President and may be contacted on 0408 853364 for further information.

 Objectives and Purpose of the AAB

  • To support the professionalism of Breathworkers by maintaining a high standard of training and ethics, to the benefit of all to reach the highest level of survival on all dynamics.
  • To foster unity and cooperation amongst the professional Breathwork community.
  • To maintain high ethical and professional standards of members and trainers.
  • To raise the awareness of the public and relevant professionals of birth trauma and its impact on human development.
  • To act as a spokes organisation for all matter relating to Breathwork.
  • To provide continued support and services for members of the Academy.
  • To encourage further research and development of the Breathwork process and philosophy, and the dissemination of the findings of such.
  • To negotiate with insurance companies with respect to professional indemnity insurance for members.
  • To negotiate with appropriate publications with respect to obtaining advantageous advertising rates for members.
  • To support and co-ordinate the ongoing development of a National Professional Academy of Breathworkers comprising of State and Territory branches and an overall National Committee.

Code of Ethics

Ethics – the standards of conduct and moral judgment and the intention for optimum survival for an individual or group

The Breathworkers trained by the Australian Academy of Breathwork undertake the following:

  1. To work for the highest good of all.

  2. To acknowledge the dignity of all humanity regardless of physiological, psychological, sociological or economic status.

  3. To respect clients as autonomous human beings, able to make their own decisions and changes in the light of their own values and beliefs.

  4. To commit to increasing their personal development and self-awareness on an on-going basis.

  5. To be willing to make referrals to other practitioners as appropriate.

  6. To be responsible for ensuring that the satisfaction of their own emotional needs is not dependant upon relationships with their clients.

  7. To maintain the integrity of individuals and groups by living the principles that we teach.

  8. To provide the best possible services to the client and Academy members, and act in such a way as cause no intentional or deliberate harm to any client or Academy members.

  9. To acknowledge the self-determinism of each client to retain his/her dignity, autonomy and personal responsibility.

  10. To create a safe environment in which to support the client and to maintain total client confidentiality at all times.

  11. To ensure that the relationship between the practitioner and the client remains professional in every way; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    i. Breathworkers consider the use of their professional relationship with a client to establish any kind of sexual contact with them to be highly unethical. This applies both within and without the therapeutic session. Sexual activity with, (even if instigated by the client), or sexual advances towards a client during any session would always be considered unethical.

    ii. A Complaints Procedure exists within the AAB. Should anyone have a professional grievance against any AAB practitioner, a copy may be obtained from the Academy Secretary.

    iii. Mandatory reporting. Members are to comply with all government regulations in respect of mandatory reporting.

  12. To only provide a Breathwork experience to those clients that are committed to their own process of personal development.