Training to become a Professional Breathwork Practitioner

The Breathworker Training course provides more than a theoretical understanding – it is designed to provide the participant with a unique, personal experience of the process of Breathwork; and learning processes which are supportive of the participant and their growth.

The Training is usually scheduled over nine months, with each unit of work completed over one weekend each month. A course overview is available below.

It is the intention of the Breathworker training to fully equip the participant with the skills required to become a qualified and capable practicing Breathworker.

The next Practitioner Training Courses will be held in 2020.

If you wish to view the syllabus, or make an inquiry about training to become a Professional Breathwork Practitioner, please contact either:

Bronwyn Barter [email protected]

Here is an overview of the 9 units that make up the course.

Unit 1 – Introduction to Breathwork

Principles and Techniques. Personal Responsibility. Logistics of The Breathwork Training.

Unit 2 – Conception and Birth.

Conception trauma – Womb trauma.  Birth and its effects. Birth and sadness, fear, death, guilt. Possibility of life issues re-enactment. Being here – Process.
Precognitive thought. Breathwork Process – Learning to give Breathwork sessions to others.

Unit 3 – Parental Disapproval Syndrome.

Affects of parents on childhood. Affects of parents on adults. Societal pressures.
Depression and suppression. Processing anger. Breathwork Process – Practical skills.

Unit 4 –  Education and its effects.

Parent’s interest and attitude. School experiences – peer group pressure, bullying. Learning styles. Success/Failure – competition. Teachers and their influence.  Breathwork Process – Practical skills

Unit 5  –  Fear.

Initial fear from birth. Fear causation in childhood. How it affects our lives – adulthood. Reality and fear.  Full day outdoor activity. Breathwork Process – working with fear issues.

Unit 6  –  Money – prosperity – purpose.

Money = energy. Guilt & beliefs. Influences of money from childhood. Money game. Purpose – creating money in our lives.
Money and spirituality. Money counselling. Breathwork Process – Practical skills.

Unit 7  –  Sex and Relationships.

Knowing yourself first. Affects of parental relationship patterns on the child/adult. Co-dependence. Love, what it means. Creating the relationship that you want. Couple counselling.
Sex and guilt. Working with and healing on sexual abuse. Breathwork Process – warm water processing.

Unit 8 – God, Death & Spirituality

Understanding concepts of God and various religions. Past lives. Concepts of immortality – what it means. The grieving process. Death/grief counselling.
Life and it’s meaning. Breathwork Process – cold water process.

Unit 9 – Completion.

Stable datum on Breathwork. Goals. Setting up and professional operation for a Breathwork business. Professionalism, confidentiality, Code of Ethics. Joining Australian Academy of Breathwork. Requirements for submission of thesis.  Case history submission requirements. (After Course hours).