Michael Barton is a leading stress management expert. Drawing on nearly 25 years of experience in various modalities, Michael works with clients via massage, Reiki, Myofascial Release and Breathwork to work with clients’ stress management.

Michael’s passion is primarily with using Breathwork to help people understand old, negative limiting beliefs to become more conscious and aware. The use of this simple and effective breathing technique has enhanced his own personal awareness, and given him a deeper understanding of how to help others develop greater levels of responsibility for their own lives and actions.

Teaching Reiki energy seminars and using Myofascial Release and other bodywork techniques, he has assisted hundreds of people to know themselves on a more intrinsic level, and to make life enhancing changes.

Michael is currently a member, and Secretary, of the Australian Academy of Breathwork.

Mobile: 0422 460 133

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10 Whistler Drive, Oakden SA 5086